The White Line

" We are Tottenham super Tottenham from the lane, we are Tottenham super Tottenham, we are Tottenham from the lane"


I cast my mind back to the dying hours and minutes of the summer transfer window, as a Tottenham fan I guess you always know that the last day if not hours will always throw up a surprise be it a good one or a bad one!

After Selling both Luka Modrić and Rafael Van Der vaart and with the confirmation of fees being agreed with Porto for Mouthinho I was really expecting more out than in, as we know now that deal didn’t come off and I know there will be millions of view points on why it didn’t happen, this can be discussed at another time.

What we do know is that Clint Dempsey signed from Fulham for a believed fee of £6million pounds, my thoughts turned straight away to where he would actually fit in, in the spurs side, what with Dembéle’s earlier arrival to the club, ( yes I’m aware they are two different types of players)

Would he play off JD or would he be employed as a two man attack with Dembéle sitting behind.

I’ll leave that to one side for a moment and fast forward to the big debate!

Q.” What does Dempsey actually do, I mean he hasn’t done anything”

My answer to this would be that a player that plays of the first striker, is clearly there to link the play between midfield and attack and support the lone striker, but also drop back to make the team more solid in a defensive role.

I take the first part, for me it is clear as day that Dempsey and JD cannot really play together in the (4-2-3-1) formation Dempsey only really looking good in this role when he doesn’t have to be the player creating and pulling the strings was against Utd and of course scoring the winner.

For me he’s better at coming on to the ball and good quality crosses or good final balls, added to this that Defoe picks the ball up and jinks left or right and can’t hold the ball up for somebody to play off, (this also highlights poor ball distribution from goal keeper and mainly our back four)

Dempsey and Ade to my knowledge have played about 20mins max together if that.
For Fulham he played in a (4-4-2) and as out wide on the left, as second striker (when up top with Pogrebnyak) or as the 1st striker each time with a a team that had Dembéle or Ruiz being the creative links to the front men.

Dempsey defensively has for me not shown a lot of belly for the tackle and looks like a half hearted attempt, now we can all say he doesn’t care or words to that effect, but and a big but, tactics might dictate that he doesn’t once the attacking players has passed his zone stick a foot in or the quality of players around him are also not doing it, it’s always easier to defend in numbers.

My view would be the first in all honestly, Dempsey has what it takes to be a success at Tottenham but needs to either play off Ade with a creative player or on the left if bale is injured ( if you wanted to select him there) or finally with Defoe as has happened with smarter balls being played into him and JD,he can fill the gap left by Rafael van de Vaart. But it takes time to achieve this across a playing staff, yes Vaart was at times world class, but Dempsey has shown with his experience he can on his day cause any team in the world problems.

I think it’s a case of his poor form being highlighted in a team that lets be honest is missing the Parker’s, Kaboul’s Dembéle’s of the team so is sometimes fed poor balls where he has two men pressing him with his back to goal, this featured in the Man city game, along with balls played into him in tight positions in the box or around the box.

Yes I hear you scream a player of his standing, an international should be able to cope.

I think Dempsey needs to raise his game but also those around him need to be smarter with the ball also.
I think with Dembéle coming back and with Tom Carroll pushing for his chance in the first team, Will finally see what Clint has to offer, as now he’s all we have.

Remember Bale, when he first came you never would have thought he would become the bale we know and love now!!

"Up the spurs"

The club that Bill built #Coys

The club that Bill built #Coys

A true account??

A brief account of the pressure and work that Mr sexy and you know it Avb needs to work on!

Thanks so so so much for the goals the passes, the passion but mostly for youre pride in wearing OUR shirt #COYS

Thanks so so so much for the goals the passes, the passion but mostly for youre pride in wearing OUR shirt #COYS

"oh Arsene, this isn’t a playground you know"

"oh Arsene, this isn’t a playground you know"

The New Little and Large

The New Little and Large

The Boo’s and that window

Forgive me please for the  simple title to this blog, but really there is no other way to really go about my distaste for this weekends game down at the church aka (white Hart Lane)

Will all agree that the match its self wasnt the best from a Tottenham point of view, i leave others on this occasion to break the match down into details and put it back together again then take it apart again, yeah you get what i mean.

I had the Pleasure or displeasure of sitting next to a female fan (no this is not followed by any anti females football jokes) she was just a woman.

i like others, i’m sure became increasingly fustrated with the waywood passing and lacklustre performance and tactical in-depth of our beautiful boys in white!, thought out the first half i had of course heard this womans moans and groans (along with my own) but mine added with the clapping when we for an example, Sandro went on his run, Brad pulled out a top draw save and other occasions where we had strung a passage of play together, to my suprise and i guess dismay the ref, who had yes made some shocking decisions in the 1st half blew up for half time, the ripples of boo’s within seconds turned into what seemed like the whole ground ( i know it wasn’t ) but really….., did i miss spurs conceding 5 goals, and all the player giving us the “wanker signs”


I didnt think so ……..

i was always lead to believe that spurs and spurs fans had the fight and voice to sing and back the team what ever happens on the hallowed pitch at the lane or on away days.

So back to the fan, sat next to me with all the gusto from her little lungs was booing like there was no tomorrow, i turned and asked her why……

"well that was fucking shit wasnt it, erm me not the best but change takes time i said or words to that affect, "well if harry was here still we’d be 2-nil up" oh really little lady, the same fixture as we know finished 2-1 to delia’s vegetable packers, i didnt raise this point, but i was then greeted with the following  comment from a person i could only assume was her partner, " i’ll give him till the chelsea game", the voice im my head was screaming KNOB!!!!! i wanted to slap this man, but those that know me know I’m very relaxed and brush idiots to one side and focus on the great people.

so my point how the hell do the players feel if they play a new system, weather or not it works to their personal benefit but that of the team when mindless idiots in the stands are booing and shouting out stupid, rude, un-needed and mindless chants.

we know every club has them, but I’m a huge tweeter, ill talk football and food but ive noticed that the grumbling have been all over twitter about our team and Manager AvB all weekend and if not since the papers broke he maybe our new manager, i just find it so draining, so narrow minded.I liked Harry for what he had done, i didn’t like Harry making it  Harry Hotspur, Tottenham is MY club OUR club, we face a new chapter just like we didm under harry, i remember the Bolton game like it was yesterday, there were Harry haters then and now look, the same here but keep it to yourself for just a little longer please!!!

i for one will always back my team, will always dream of playing for them (this will never happen, i wouldnt want to show Messi up) and will always act like a girl when i meet or see a Spurs player up close, why this is because i LOVE MY TOTTENHAM and why ill always back them, yes i’ll be hurt when they lose or dont win but booing come on we aint arsenal or chelsea, who really are not the best fans……a bunch of C…

Moutinho, Moutinho,

the main target, the target we didnt get and…….We move on

a lot has been said and a lot will continue to be said regarding Tottenhams failing in landing the midfield baller.

At 22million pounds (stated by Skysports) yes you would think both clubs would have kept an eye on the paperwork of each other and that personal terms would be agreed in good time also, sadly this was seemingly not the case and the dream move didnt happen

I know that every time thus forward until the January window opens, and if spurs are not at there best and god for bid they lose,it will spring back to selling LM and VDV and not getting Mr Magic M and only bringing in Dembele and Dempsey (two player which i rate)

and the normal hate for Mr Levy and Mr (sexy and you know it Boas) will come out from the small portion of spurs (harry loving) fans and the media.

The players will pick up on all of the above point I’ve made or tried to make and i doesn’t help the team, the atmosphere needs to be positive and I’m sure that the spurs will defiantly go marching on, we face a time of change, and i feel that sticking together and not thinking its all doom and gloom is needed here and a look at who is to still come into the team Lloris, Parker, Ade (when match fit), Dembele and Dempsey so you have 5 class players there already and you have Time, time for the team to gel and to find there feet in the system so please for the love of god have some patience and show the team love not hate  #COYS